Dori RavehDori Raveh is marketing operations manager at Stratasys, a 3D printer maker. Dori’s DNA is digital marketing, with vast experience running multi-regional online programs to drive tangible business. In this 1-on-1 video session (sign-in required), we discuss his definition of the role of marketing operations in the modern organization, his targets and challenges for 2017, and his power tips for B2B marketers looking to improve their marketing ops game. Later in this post, below the video, I have included a summary of the main points Dori made during the interview.
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Lead to Revenue series: Interview with Idan Hershkovich

Idan Hershkovich is a seasoned B2B marketer. Today he hails from Cato Networks, a network+security platform vendor, where he heads all corporate marketing efforts. Previously Idan held tenures at Panaya,, and Magic Software. Over time, Idan has collected a sizeable body of firsthand experience in building a replicable and scalable B2B lead gen and nurture machines, primarily on top of a Martech combo of Salesforce (CRM) and Marketo (Marketing Automation). A couple of weeks ago he was kind enough to spend an hour with me and answer a few questions about his approach to implementing Lead-to-Revenue strategies. I’ve taken the liberty to add, in some of the sections, the key takeaways I’ve collected from Idan’s answers. Continue reading

If you’re a B2B marketer, then email marketing must be one of your main channels, which means you use one kind of ESP or MAP system like Marketo or another to execute on it. In that case, you may have heard about an emerging, fearsome enemy: email security bots. These bots form parts of security systems used by […]

Josh Hill, a Marketo Champion and a prolific best practice producer, has published a post called the Lead Nurturing Waterfall Framework where he examines multiple approaches for designing B2B lead nurturing content programs. In the post, Josh outlines a framework that loosely follows Joseph Campbell’s famous Hero narrative. We found it particularly compelling, because it […]

I heart emails. I don’t mean those in my inbox, I’m quite partial to those. What I heart, is the art of writing emails. Specifically, emails meant for group distribution. I prefer ‘group’ over ‘mass’ but sure, by group distribution I also mean mass distribution.
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There’s a very simple tactic in B2B digital marketing that’s quite easy to implement, even more so if you have any sort of marketing automation in place.
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Personalizing emails is common practice among B2B marketers. But there’s much more to it than using the recipient’s first name in the subject line.

Writing effective lead nurture emails is as much craft as it is art, and as with any craft, the key to doing it better is repeatedly doing it. And again, and again.
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We came across a great comparative review of the leading B2B Marketing Automation platforms available today, and we have a few insights of our own to add to it. True, most of it didn’t surprise us much, but we must admit that we found some observations surprising.
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