In yet another example of what I like to call the platformization of marketing automation systems, Bedrock Data announced the availability of new Marketo integrations. According to their announcement, in addition to all the standard and custom fields their integration supports, they have added the following custom data:

  • Last Visit Time
  • Last Visit Page
  • Total Number of Visits
  • Last Form Submission Time
  • Last Form Submitted
  • Total Number of Form Submissions

I find these data points especially useful for analytics purposes as they fill a clear and present gap in marketers’ ability to decipher their business’ “customer journey” when using Marketo. In several recent implementations, I’ve had to manually create custom fields to hold these data points and then use non-trivial triggers to update them. Obviously the analytics use case by itself is not enough, IMHO, to justify the minimum $99/month subscription plan listed on Bedrock’s website. But certainly if you need to combine data from Marketo and one or more marketing or non-Salesforce CRM systems, Bedrock’s data platform provides a productized approach for doing it that’s worth considering.

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out, Dan!

    We’re huge data-nerds here at Bedrock Data, and that’s one of the main reasons we chose to expose all the data you need, in order to do the analysis you want. You can even connect more non-marketing systems (like recurly, etc.) into the mix to enrich your data further.

    Thanks again,


    Bedrock Data


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